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Picture of my main analogue system

Welcome to ES-hifi.com! Here, you will find a wide range of audio equipments, from turntables to loudspeakers, which I have collected over the past few decades.

The picture on the right features my main analogue system. I use a Sherwood 80 watts integrated tube amplifier. I have for source, Linn LP12/Magnepan Unitrac/Yamaha MC7 cartridge, Thorens TD 124 Mk l/Linn Ittok LV ll/Fidelity Research 202 cartridge and a Garrard 401/FR24 Mk ll with B&O cartridge. The moving coil cartridges are channelled through a FR FRT 4 step up transformer. The speakers are JBL 4333B and speaker cables are Monitor Audio. The whole system is placed around a solid teak cabinet.

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