Tannoy Cheviot

Harbeth Compact 7 ES3

JMLab 806S

Spendor LS3/5A Black Ash.SOLD

ProAc Tablette 50 Signature. SOLD


Yamaha NS 500M. SOLD

Yamaha NS1000M. SOLD

Gales 401s

ProAc Response 1 S SOLD

Fostex 167E SOLD

Klipsch KG 4.5. SOLD

Fostex 126En /Walnut enclosures

Vintage Tannoy Berkeley

ProAc Tablette lll Signature. SOLD

Rare LS3/5A 15 ohms.SOLD

Unity Audio

Atacama Nexus 6 speaker stands. SOLD

MAF stands. SOLD

ATC SEM 20 speakers. SOLD

Goodmans Triaxiom 3 element 12" speakers(SOLD)

Nova Audio Ovation.SOLD

15 ohms LS3/5A complete speakers kit

Stirling LS3/5A speakers. SOLD

Re-verneering of speakers

Horn loaded speakers

Wooden Loudspeaker stand

Wooden Stands for LS3/5A(matching birdeye veneers)

HH Scott speakers. Sold

Rogers LS3/5As

Rogers LS 3/5A 11 ohms. SOLD

Kef B110 drivers

Kef T27 Tweeters

Klipsch klf30/Fostex horn speakers

KEF T27 Tweeters

Kef T27 tweeters

KEF B110 speaker drivers

AR M1 holographics

AR18 cabinets

Advent 1 speakers (sold)

AR 18 speakers (sold)

Super Tweeters (single unit)

Super Tweeters (multiple units)

My favourite JBL4333B

Gale 401A

JBL S2600 (sold)


Rogers LS3/5A clones 8 ohms

The Advent Loudspeakers (sold)

Rogers LS3/5A speakers

Tweeters on acrylic mounting

Bullet tweeter speakers

XLO Jumper Cables(Sold)


Polydax Speakers

BMB Minuet speakers(Sold)


Crafted by lx